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Creative Close-Up: Celebrating Creative Women 24/7


Late post, but these articles from will definately make up for it. We are still celebrating Women’s History Month, so I hope you’ll find them interesting.

Bridged: How the Art of Writing Can Close the Divide Between Worlds

Jennifer De Leon on Mother-Daughter Relationships and the Power of Memory

Reading the Quiet Lives of Black Women Through Slavery, Emancipation, and Beyond

Tiya Miles on Harriet Jacobs’s Stories of “Sacrifice,
Suffering, and Lament”

Behold: A reading list for Women’s History Month (and all months).

By Katie Yee

March 26, 2021, 3:40pm

I love it when I can share about women being creative. Thank you Lithub! Enjoy the rest of your Monday, be safe, be healthy, be blessed.

Featured image: Pexel

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