Shadow News / January 14, 2021


Good Morning all! It’s been a while that I posted Shadow News. This is the first Shadow News for the year 2021 so let’s dive into it…

I will post part 2 of Calling All Artist tomorrow on Friday and Winter Reads, which I’m late on…How in the world did I pass that? Shame on me!

Since the weekend is creeping up on us in a positive way, there will be some literature, film, and other good stuff for our Weekend Updates. 

I’ve always been tweaking the blog site with changes, so be prepared for some major ones coming soon. It’s a work in progress to better the content I’m putting out.

I plan to post Shadow Podcasts from last year on to the blog site. 

With that, I’m done for now. So keep checking out for more creativity! Enjoy the rest of your Thursday, be safe, be happy, be blessed. 




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