Shadow News: No MidWeek Posts / Happy New Year 2021


Good Morning…The last day of 2020. Lord this year has been a big slap in the face. We started in January ready for new challenges, a new decade, a new day, but OMG. 

The year turned out to be well, dismal. COVID put a big dent into our plans, but we still pushed and persevered through and now we have reached the last day of this year. 

There is not gonna be any midweek posts until next week. I’m getting my editor’s note in gear. I’m halfway there. I wasn’t able to get a Best of Theater, let’s face it, no theater was willing to put on a play. Hopefully, 2021 will be brighter. 

So I just wanted to say Happy New Year to y’all. Pray and hope for a better 2021. Be healthy, be safe, be always blessed!









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