My Top Three Albums for 2020


Good Afternoon. Time to finish up Best of 2020, but first I have my top three albums for 2020. Let’s not waste time, because my list is ready.



Moses Sumney / Grae


I really enjoyed listening to this young singer-songwriters’ album. While you have Chris Brown, Usher, and others making waves into the r&b seas, Sumney has been swimming his own path away from all that. What he’s done is developed music that will be around for a good long while. With his second album, Grae, he’s growing more into the creative sphere of an eclectic mix of folk, indie rock, soul, electro, art rock, and alternative music that gives out impressive results. The way his vocals easily glides into the music, you just want to listen to the album all over again, which I have. The songs really capture his impressive poetic vibe and stay with you long after you’re through listening. Not a lot of albums can do that, but this one does. 





Jhene Aiko / Chilombo


Like Moses Sumney, Jhene Aiko‘s vocals glide seemingly through her third album with ease. Chilombo, which is her last name, gives a new meaning to cool soul. That’s what I call this album here. I have several songs that I like…like Triggered, Happiness Over Everything (H.O.E) with Future & Miguel, Tryna Smoke, Born Tired, and others. I think this is her most personal album to heart. There has been speculation that the album was the focus of her breakup with Big Sean (they’re back together, but anyway). 

“my next album is all freestyles where I touch on many subjects and relationships… past, present and future.” 

She has accomplished those three with great effort. Like I said this album is cool soul, the kind you know and love. The songs are pretty much an extension of Aiko’s personal journey. 





Taylor Swift / Folklore



Ok, I know what most or some of you are thinking, but hear me out. I pretty much like this album. Mind you this was released 11 months after Lover. I was generally surprised by this album here. It’s like a low pop, mixed with country, with a dash of the alternative to complete the sound. One of the songs that stood out for me was Exile with Bon Iver. “I think I’ve seen this film before…And I didn’t like the ending…You’re not my homeland anymore…So what am I defending now?” Do I think this is Swift’s most creative album? Yeah. So to sum up Folklore, you’ve driven this road many times, but it’s a different feeling and you come out with a much deeper, but better respective of something greater. Do understand where I’m going with this? Ok, good.




I wanted to add some songs that stuck to the insides of my head like a nuclear waste but in a very good way. Long after the song is over…the rhythm, lyrics, all have that after high effect. That’s the type of songs that really say something right?






There is a lot more, but I’ll save it for a later time! What albums did you like this year or songs? 



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