Top 5 of Fashion 2020


Hello all! Now into Fashion for our Best of 2020. The Covid pandemic has completely put the fashion industry in a 180, but they came up with creative ways to push forward. I compiled my top 5 fashion runway favorites. I picked them from earlier posts this year and then some. It wasn’t easy to choose which. FF Channel is a godsend so it makes it a little bit easier. Take a look!





VICTORIA BECKHAM (My favorite. I want it…)



VERSACE (I want these clothes too!)



CHANEL (Recent…not entirely great, but I liked it though. I thought the creative way to set up the runway was plus)



LA METAMORPHOSE (The most creative this year)

These are my top 5 favorites of 2020. I wonder what these designers have up their sleeves for 2021? Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday, be healthy, be safe, be blessed.




Featured image: Wallpaper Cave

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