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Good Morning or Good Afternoon, where ever you are. Hope you have enjoyed yesterday’s festivities with your family because I did. 

I’m back with a few more Best of 2020, now it’s comics or graphic novels that made an impact on 2020. I’m not gonna do what I did in recent blogs. I want to take a bit of opinion on what comics that editors liked. Sort of like a mash-up if you will. 

So I have here a bit of what other people from Polygon,, and so forth.





Here is a snippet of Nerdist‘s Best Comics 2020 below…

The Best Comics of 2020

2020 saw DC leave Diamond, the direct market shut down for months, and the world fall into disarray with publishing dates pushed back due to the global pandemic. But the year was also filled with brilliant comics. Whether you love superheroes, scary stories, magical fantasy, or emotionally driven semi-autobiographical cartooning, there’s something for you in this roundup of the best comics that 2020 had to offer.

A Magical Year for All Ages

The Magic Fish by Trung Le Nguyen and Patrick Crotty

Nerdist's 29 Best Comics of 2020_1

Random House Graphic

Trung Le Nguyen has long been one of our favorite artists, so we were delighted to read their debut graphic novel The Magic Fish. This gorgeous contemporary fairytale tells a story about growing up, family, and coming out. We adored every page of this personal, moving, and magical comic that’s as vital as it is enchanting. Buy it here.


Seance Tea Party by Reimena Yee

Nerdist's 29 Best Comics of 2020_2

Random House Graphic

Seance Tea Party is probably the loveliest comic of the year. Yee’s art is sumptuous and sweet, and the story should impact any reader. Lora doesn’t want to grow up; in fact, she wants to be a kid forever. But as her friends follow their dreams into teenhood, Lora finds friendship and solace with the ghost of a young girl who never got the chance to get old. Buy it here.


Twins: A Graphic Novel by Varian Johnson and Shannon Wright

Nerdist's 29 Best Comics of 2020_3


Johnson and Wright prove that they’re a creative dream team with the delightful Twins. This middle-grade tale of two sisters growing up and growing apart has all the hallmarks of the kind of books that become timeless classics. If there’s any justice in the world kids will be reading Twins for decades. Buy it here.


The Wizerd Vol. 1: And the Potion of Dreams! by Michael Sweater and Rachel Dukes

Nerdist's 29 Best Comics of 2020_4

Oni Press

If you’re looking for fun frolics and astonishing art, then you’ve got it. Two of the best cartoonists in the business team up for this fantasy tale about—you guessed it—a wizard and a magic potion. The artwork here is so intricate and dense, you could spend weeks poring over the pages after you finish reading. And we did! Buy it here.


Check, Please!: Sticks and Scones by Ngozi Ukazu

Nerdist's 29 Best Comics of 2020_5

First Second

Continuing her reign as queen of contemporary slice of life comics, Ukazu released the second volume of her beloved queer hockey and baking romance comic Check, Please! Eric’s heading into his junior year with a new secret boyfriend and a new hockey team. This is pure unadulterated sports comic joy and a great pick for new comics readers. Buy it here.



Witch Hat Atelier by Kamome Shirahama

Nerdist's 29 Best Comics of 2020_6


Seeing as Volumes 5 and 6 of this stunning series came out this year (and Volume 7 is dropping on December 29), we’re shouting it out again. Witch Hat Atelier follows the adventures of a young girl named Coco who discovers the secrets of witchcraft and becomes a student of magic. There isn’t a better looking or more engrossing manga on the shelves at the moment. Buy it here.

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