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Creative Close-Up: Better Representation


Today has been busy…I mean busssyyy! First off we have a close-up about the importance of representation, with the last day of November, I had fun with getting last weeks blog posts featuring Native American talent. It got me thinking, it’s a shame it’s not enough representation of indigenous talent or people of color for that matter. 

If you recall, one of the posts last Wednesday about the misrepresentation of Native Americans how they respond to it. It was really interesting to see how Native Americans feel about this.

As always Hollywood never gets anything right…they just embellish stories just to get the right attention I suppose, but they can do a whole lot better. I just completed reading a five-year-old article from Time magazine, titled Why I Won’t Wear War Paint and Feathers Again by Navajo filmmaker Brian Young.

Young describes how he took a part as an Indian shaman in a short film. When he saw himself in the feathers and war paint in the mirror, he felt uncomfortable. He felt he was mocking his spirituality, as feathers are sacred in many tribes, including his own. From that moment on, Young promised that he will never play Indian again. 

We’ve been visitors to this land for so long, we really don’t know too much about Native Americans. What we see on film and television is not really how indigenous people live. Young points this out in the article too. 

We have so much to learn not only about Native Americans but other people of color. It’s important to have a clear representation of all ethnicities. Even today with our country so divided, I can only hope with this president we can eventually heal and really get to learn and understand each other…maybe becoming better people.


To read Brian Young’s article, click here.



Featured image: Smithsonian Magazine



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