Wknd Update: Wonder Woman ’84 Heading to HBO Max & Theaters


Hello again all. It looks like the fate of theaters hangs in the balance. With many cases of COVID-19 on the rise again, theaters are in a bind…and it looks like Wonder Woman ’84 is coming to HBO Max. Well, I was wondering if Warner Bros. was still in hopes of releasing it in theaters. Remember this film has been pushed back several times and now it looks like no films will be playing in theaters. Take a look at the recent news from Mr. H Reviews


So what do you think? Will you see the WW ’84 on HBO Max or do you want to see it in theaters? With so much Covid going on…I wouldn’t feel safe to see it in theaters. It sucks, but this is the mess we are in now. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, please be safe, be healthy, and be blessed.



Featured image: Entertainment Weekly

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