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Hello and good evening! As promised I have something from ARTiClass. I was contacted by Customer Service Representative by the name of Rachel Adams, who wanted to pass this information along to y’all. What I posted is a press release by ARTiClass, with the email and website for anyone interested…




Online Classes & Workshops


For immediate release / November 18th, 2020


Agora Gallery, a contemporary art gallery in the heart of Chelsea, established in 1984, expands its services with international online art workshops. All courses are live and designed to bolster artists’ professional activity. Courses cover a variety of mediums at all levels, from drawing, and sculpting, to photography, video production, stop motion animation, puppet making, sewing, and even watercolor painting intertwined with mediation. Upon completion of any ARTiClass course, graduates will have the opportunity to participate in the ARTiClass graduate 2021 online exhibition which will be featured on the Agora website.


Like so many businesses around the world, Agora Gallery finds itself adapting to a new standard of practices in the wake of COVID-19. While the gallery remains dedicated to its mission of professional development for artists, it has become acutely aware of the impact of the pandemic on artists’ social activity. Taking cues from the current landscape, Agora founded ARTiClass, an online platform that hosts live, educational workshops for artists and art enthusiasts. This deliberate expansion was designed as a much-needed virtual space for artists to create and connect on a global scale. All courses are available on the dedicated website:


“The gallery’s name comes from the ancient Greek Agora, a gathering place and this is what we have been offering artists for more than 36 years — a place where they can meet, show their work, and exchange ideas just like in ancient times”, said Shelly Lotan, Director of ARTiClass. “During the spring lockdown when all our artists needed a place to discuss and offer feedback on their art, we designed a virtual space for everyone passionate about art to connect.”


Fun, exciting, and educational, the ARTiClass courses are offered via Zoom as single workshops or as a series that range from 3 – 10-week sessions. The duration of each workshop is 1.5 – 2 hours in meetings scheduled once a week. What makes ARTiClass unique is that all workshops are held live so the instructor and participants can interact and communicate in real-time. Given this distinction, all classes are restricted in size to no more than 10 people to allow for more personalized interaction between participants and instructors.


So far, the workshops received positive feedback from participants from different places around the world, like Italy, UK, Argentina, the United States, Japan, and more.



The world needs art now more than ever. Reserve your spot on today!


Phone: (+1) 212-226-4151
That’s the information here, but again you can go to the website to get every inch of info, that’s if your interested. 
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