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Hello there! I’m always hunting down interesting and exciting workshops in either art, film, music, or all in the creative category. If you have kids who love music, I think this might be the website to check out. It’s called simply Music Workshop. Here is some info about this workshop…

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Program Overview

Music Workshop provides an innovative online K-8 music education program that any school can access and teach regardless of their means, location or teacher expertise. Our program is predicated on the ‘open education’ concept: a global movement that brings high quality online education to schools and students everywhere, free-of-charge. By providing educational materials directly to schools/students, Music Workshop gives teachers the necessary music education resources to enhance their own curriculum.

Music Workshop’s course content is dynamic, multimodal and exciting. It aligns with National and State education standards. Our goals are to inspire students to appreciate the arts, motivate them to play an instrument and teach them ways to incorporate music into their lives. Through Music Workshop courses, we provide tools that empower youth and promote their creativity, social development and self-worth. We intentionally expose students to a broad spectrum of music, so they become inspired to choose their own musical paths.

Music Workshop recognized that music education is often focused on music from European cultures. In response, we launched our Culture Series and in the last 12 months, created 3 new courses, Native American Traditional Music; Latin American & Caribbean Music and Latin American Music; South America. For students of color, these courses can provide a sense of belonging when their cultural heritage is positively reflected in their academic learning. For all students, classrooms that employ culture-based strategies have been shown to lead to enhanced student emotional well-being, higher levels of trusting relationships with adults, a deeper sense of belonging at school, and enhanced motivation, self-esteem and ethnic pride. Music is an ideal place to start culturally responsive teaching because it crosses cultures and is an experience that can be considered universal.


About Our Program

  • Music Workshop creates and provides high quality, relevant, and inspiring music history & appreciation lessons on a wide variety of musical subjects giving students broad exposure to the world of music
  • All materials are delivered through an online portal, providing easy access for teachers and flexibility in preparing lessons
  • Courses/lessons are prepped and ready to go in your own online account
  • Downloadable videos with supporting materials are included with each course
  • Course materials are segmented by grade levels: K-2, 3-5, 6-8
  • We are currently offering 21 courses educating students in music history & appreciation of musical genres, instruments, careers in music, and music from cultures around the world
  • Each course is approximately 45 minutes long (including teacher-led Q&A) broken into four segments to allow for teacher flexibility
  • Each course is a combination of a video, teacher-led question & answer sessions, an active listening exercise, and a movement activity


Our Program is Unique

  • We intentionally expose students to a broad spectrum of music so they are empowered to choose their own musical paths
  • Music Workshop’s Culture Series is especially unique within grades K-8. It creates and presents music education that informs students about music and musical traditions from many cultures and heritages providing students a connection to the global world they live in
  • Music Workshop is designed and intended for use in the classroom, yet flexible enough to be used for distance learning or homeschooling
  • Courses integrate music education with reading, physical activity, active listening, and critical thinking
  • Each course uniquely weaves in multiple educational disciplines and aligns with music education standards
  • Music Workshop strives to inspire students to appreciate the arts, motivate them to play an instrument, and educate them on incorporating music to enrich their lives
  • Music Workshop is offered FREE of charge to all K-8 schools, students, and their families


How it Works

It’s as Easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Apply
  2. Review welcome email and watch training video
  3. Login and download your first course

To see the video, click here.


To learn more please go to musicworkshopedu.org for more information. Enjoy the rest of your Thursday, be healthy, be safe, be blessed.




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