From the Editor / November 2020


Vol. 8 / #11

Hello! 2020 is almost over as we are now in the month of November. Halloween came and went and now things are beginning to slow down some.

Not too much going on this month. New music coming from Kylie Minogue, AC/DC, Miley Cyrus, and Billie Joe Armstrong. No music festivals until 2021. New cases are popping up and I do not see any upcoming festivals for this month or next month in December.

I pretty much will do reviews this month, from films and also music reviews. This month is Native American Heritage Month, so be on the lookout for Indigenous talent.

I’m always saying that I will be making changes, but this time I mean it! With 2021 coming around the corner, there is some fall/winter cleaning to do.

So stay around for a while to see what we got for November.








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