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Hello there! Any artists out there, this is very short notice!

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Virtualize Your Art Career™ Conference (Oct 19-30, 2020)Conference Theme: “The New Normal”

The Conference is a 11-session, virtual interactive learning accelerator for creative professionals, delivered through live streaming video and digital chat. Sessions are led by seasoned business leaders who are all entrepreneurs in their own right, and who specialize in working with artists. It will be delivered through a combination of our cutting-edge digital campus and social media for maximum interaction. Learning isn’t merely academic for us—it’s life-changing and requires a deep experience centered on learners’ aspirations and sense of belonging in a larger community and industry.


Sessions will be a mix of streaming workshops, live vid chats, and informal interactions in social media—supported by a thousand-artist strong campus teeming with creative intelligence and replete with opportunities to extend and support the learning through additional (optional) coursework. There’s also a day of interviews with industry experts about the state of the art industry and how artists are earning in “the new normal.” Because a career should be punctuated with fun, this October Conference culminates in a virtual Halloween Costume Party that gives everyone a chance to let their hair down, show their creativity, and build comradery.


Our goals are equipping participants with an individualized Career Blueprint, Sales Strategy, and Brand Narrative, as well as a Peer Network that plugs into the broader industry, increasing essential contacts, accountability, and professional support. The Conference is a starting place to address what artists we’ve surveyed and worked with are asking for: “How do I choose a path I can personally invest in? How do I sell enough? How do I distinguish myself and my work as being professional, in a way I can convey compellingly to others? And how do I, in a normally solitary environment, connect with peers and industry stakeholders—especially now?”


The CHF 2020 Virtualize Your Art Career™ Conference elegantly addresses all of these needs. Supported by extensive data and research on artists’ career needs, aspirations, and capabilities, with a proven track record of success—both of which are illuminated in The 2019 Report on the Working Artist—we are bound to change lives, boost local economies, and positively represent our partners in this endeavor. The entire Virtualize Your Art Career Conference will be recorded for the convenience of attendees. This makes it easy to catch up with any session, or review topics that may be particularly challenging.




Click on register to choose which badge that interests you. Again, this was very short notice, so please don’t hold it against me!




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