Editor's Note

Letter from the Editor / October 2020


Vol. 8 / #10

Hello everyone! This letter from me is going to pretty short. The last day of September has come and I need to get myself ready for this month because it’s going to get pretty busy.

Music…not too much and there is a possibility that festivals are out of the question.

Film, same thing. I read that theaters are reducing hours. With Black Widow, the latest James Bond film, Wonder Woman ’84, and other films pushed back till the end of the year, this month’s theater releases look dismal.

I’m still in the middle of getting fashion posts ready, you guys have been patiently waiting. Just want to make it right.

Hispanic Heritage Month is from September 15 till October 15. Someone pointed this out to me, so I’m getting Hispanics that have made an impact on the art world, past, present, and even future!

And lastly, it’s time for some scary movies…I need to make a list!

So goodbye September…Hello October!








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