Wknd Updates: Comic-Con@Home 2020


Hello and Good Afternoon! I’ve decided to extend the Weekend Updates to Sunday. Just a few things to share with you people. I hope everyone is taking precautions during this challenging time. 

I just read an article from The Hollywood Reporter that Comic-Con International is going virtual. According to David Glanzer, we will have Comic-Con@Home 2020. Yes, boys and girls, Comic-Con is coming to us. The annual event was canceled due to the virus, but the organizers are working behind the scenes to bring it to the comfort of your home.

“We are still in the nuts-and-bolts planning phase,” explains Comic-Con International’s David Glanzer.

Take a look at this teaser via their YouTube account…


People still want to have that Comic-Con experience in the flesh, so let’s not think this will be the new normal. As Glanzer puts it, he doesn’t think they’ve really thought of it in terms of a replacement for the show. “It is an iteration that we hope will convey some of the excitement of Comic-Con in whatever format we and our stakeholders can create. We are reaching out to various entities who are usually involved in the physical show to see if, and how best, we can incorporate them into an online version.” 

Fair enough. What are your thoughts on this? Would you attend Comic-Con@Home 2020 or wait till next year?

You can read the rest of the article here


Image source: TV Guide

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