Editor's Note

Editor’s Letter / May 2020

Vol. 8 #5


Hello, hope all is well with you guys. April has passed and now we are in the fifth month of 2020. Lots of things to search in the world of creativity.

New album releases coming this month, some familiar, some new. Music festivals, I really don’t know. I doubt there will be any going on this month or the following a few months after. I will get the information from Music Festival Wizard.

Kehlani, one of several artists releasing a new album this month. Photo: Arturo Torres

Since the virus, technology has become increasingly helpful. I was able to see a free performance of Frankenstein from across the pond at the National Theater on their YouTube channel. Now I want to see even more. So I’m on the lookout for more live theater.

Had the chance to see ‘Frankenstein‘ from National Theater on their YouTube channel. Naomie Harris as Elizabeth Lavenza, Johnny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch as both doctor and monster. Photo: National Theater.

We will also continue with online workshops, exhibitions, and so forth. Hello May!


Featured and other images: Mega Wallpapers, New York Post, & National Theater


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