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Evening all! This is Elizabeth, Lizzy, Adams. I will be taking over the Midweek, Weekend Updates and also will be updating some of the blog site.  

Here is a newsletter from TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival), Stay at Home Cinema. We missed one of the films that were scheduled yesterday, The Twentieth Century, but there are two that are scheduled for Thursday and Saturday.

Credit source: TIFF

April 16, 7pm EDT

The Breakfast Club with Emilio Estevez

🎵 Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t you forget about Emilio 🎵

Join Andrew Clark in full-day detention, 35 years later.

7pm EDT – Virtual Q&A with Emilio Estevez and TIFF Artistic Director and Co-Head Cameron Bailey on Instagram Live (@tiff_net).

7:30pm EDT – Log in to Crave to watch Estevez and the Brat Pack in John Hughes’ quaran-teen classic.

Join the discussion on Twitter @TIFF_NET.

Join in

April 18, 7pm EDT

Yesterday with Himesh Patel

Oh, I believe in Yesterday… and its ability to make your Saturday night

Can’t imagine a world without The Beatles? Director Danny Boyle’s done it for you, in this romcom where a musician hits it big by stealing the legendary Liverpudlians’ songs after an incident wipes the planet of all things John, Paul, George, and Ringo.

7pm EDT – Virtual Q&A with star Himesh Patel and Cameron Bailey on Instagram Live (@tiff_net).

7:30pm EDT – Log in to Crave and watch Patel in Yesterday along with us.


Have one more to post before the day or night is over. 


Featured image: Vaughan Public Libraries

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