Shadow News / 4.10.2020


Hello and Good Morning! The second edition of Shadow News is here. Just a few things to pass along to you guys.

I found quite a list of organizations on the National Endowment for the Arts website. These organizations are providing resources not only for artists but also for art organizations during COVID-19. Here is the link:

For those living in or around the Atlanta, Georgia area, if you’re interested in photography, then Atlanta School for Photography is the best place to start honing on your photography skills. Go for online classes. 

Lastly, I will not be in my office for the rest of next week, but someone on my two-person staff will post a MidWeek Update and a Weekend Update. I will return on April 20. Enjoy your weekend and your week, be safe, be healthy, be blessed!

Happy Easter! 🐰🐇🥚


Featured image: unknown

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