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Letter from the Editor / April 2020


#4 / Vol. 8

Hello April! You might be thinking that because of this ridiculous virus, that it won’t be a lot to do…wrong! New title for this post, I like this one better.

First of all, there is some new music from new artists, artists we haven’t heard from in a while, new music, new music. 

Unfortunately, no music festivals right now. With this virus, these festivals are either canceled or postponed. Music Festival Wizard has that information available that I will post soon.

Wanna go to a museum, but stuck at home? Well, I’m sure you have heard about virtual museum tours. You can at least see some great exhibits from the comforts of home. I will be finding a list of places you can visit online.

Also online…classes. You saw and read about Atlanta School of Photography and their online classes, there are about to have some more coming soon. There are other places as well to look out for. 

We spent some time with March, now let’s do the same for April.





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