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Hello and Good Morning creative peeps! The best of 2019 is continuing in films. This year brought some great big-budget films, indie films, streaming films, all kinds of films. 

I haven’t seen a whole lot of movies this year, but according to Zack Sharf of Indie Wire lots of critics have seen quite a lot of films and here are 50, yes 50 Best Movies of 2019…

Credit source: Indie Wire

The 50 Best Movies of 2019, According to 304 Film Critics

From “Parasite” to “Beanpole,” these are the 50 movies that ranked the highest in IndieWire’s 2019 critics poll.

by Zack Sharf


At the end of every year, IndieWire gathers together film critics from around the world and invites them to pick the best movies and performances of the last 12 months. This 2019 IndieWire Critics Poll included 304 movie critics, making it the largest year-end survey in the site’s history. IndieWire published the full critics poll earlier this week, but now we’re giving readers a bigger look at the Best Film category. The top 20 movies have already been revealed, but the full list below includes the 50 movies from 2019 that earned the most votes from film critics, ranked from the most voted to least vote.

Outside of this year’s Best Film race, IW Critics Poll winners included “Parasite” filmmaker Bong Joon Ho for Best Director and Best Screenplay, “Us” favorite Lupita Nyong’o for Best Actress, “Marriage Story” favorite Adam Driver for Best Actor, and more. Check out the full results of the 2019 IW Critics Survey here. The top 50 films as voted on by our pool of 304 film critics are listed below.
















Featured image: Indie Wire

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