Day: December 16, 2019

The Best Art Shows of 2019

12.16.19 We’re starting off the Best of 2019 with the best art shows. There was plenty to see this year and Vulture has its list of best art shows of 2019.  Credit source: Vulture The 10 Best Art Shows of 2019   From an art-world protest to a radically original self-portraitist. By Jerry Saltz   This year saw an art-world protest drown out the Whitney Biennial and the arrival of one of the most interesting new artists we’ve seen in recent years. 1. Protests by Decolonize This Place Photo: Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images In the spring, this activist group essentially crowded out the Whitney Biennial with a series of protests focused on the museum’s board member Warren Kanders, a military-supplies mogul who eventually stepped down. This was a major disruption of power dynamics that often seem imperturbable. But in the end, they were also only perturbed; Kanders’s resignation was just incremental change. And while the protest shows a path forward, an honest conversation about toxic philanthropy and systemic reconstruction has yet to begin. The artworld is …

Best of 2019 Week

12.16.19 Hello and Good Morning everyone! It’s that time again and I’m looking for the best of things creativity that happened this year. All this week we will look at the best of 2019 has to offer. Vulture, Hollywood Reporter, and others have pretty much put their best of 2019 already and I want to know what they think was the best in art, music, film, and other formats.  The first is the best art shows in 2019…   Featured image: unknown