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Shadow Spotlight: Maggie Gyllenhaal


Hey there! It feels pretty weird being back after a week away, but it’s good to be back because it’s time to get creativity back in the swing. As I promised this month’s Shadow Spotlight belongs to Maggie Gyllenhaal. When it comes to actors, I really don’t have a lot of words. It’s their work that speaks volumes and Gyllenhaal’s definitely speaks a lot. You should see her in HBO’s The Deuce as former prostitute now porn director, Eileen ‘Candy’ Merrell.  I have found two videos, the first describes her performances to a t…


Here’s a clip from season 1 of The Deuce episode 5 What Kind of Bad. Here is Method Man’s character Rodney, a pimp offering his services for Gyllenhaal’s Candy, who has no pimp. She just suffered a terrible beating from one of her clients and you can clearly see that she’s just fed up with the whole prostitute business, but finds interests in a new business venture.

I just find Gyllenhaal’s work fascinating. Indeed like the narrator stated in the first video, she just doesn’t play it safe. That’s because she shines. Cheesy, but it’s the truth!


Featured image: CBS News

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