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Shadow Spotlight: Michael W. Thomas


Hey everyone! A new week has arrived and I have someone I like you to meet. His name is Micheal W. Thomas, a friend of the family and a really good photographer and February’s Shadow Spotlight. Here I’ve talked with Mr. Thomas about his love of photography…

Can you recall a time when you first held a camera?

As a youth probably my sister’s Brownie camera, my dad was reluctant to let me handle his.

When did you know you wanted to be a photographer?

I had an interest when I was young, my dad bought me a camera kit where I had to assemble a camera and maybe took a few shots with it. We were provided a camera in my Humanities course in High School for a project. I, of course, wanted to be photographer following around our 3 kids, but it was 3 years ago that I became very interested and had a dear friend give me some lessons and I was smitten.

📷: Michael W. Thomas

What do you want people to learn when they see a photograph?

Capturing images has provided me with an expressive voice of what could be understood as my soul and heart. There is a lot of beauty in the world and equal parts of the ugly. My intent is to capture images of my emotions to share and to spread awareness with my audience with an empathetic perspective.

Can you name a photo or film that is your favorite?

Gordon Parks is my favorite photographer, I cannot speak to what is favorite because the ones that admire are my favorite when I view them, I would say his theme is my favorite especially with Black and white captures.

My favorite film was “Lilies of the Field” with Sidney Poitier, I say that because it was the first film I saw in a theatre.

There are people whose works inspire us every day. Who is the person that inspires you?

I would have to say Gordon Parks.

📷: Michael W. Thomas

If someone came up to you and said I want to be a photographer, what advice would you give?  

First I would say great! Then I would ask them what type of photography and what do you want people to see or feel in your work. I would also say it is not about the camera, it is your eye that determines the image, if you want to be unique trust and vision will be the results.

Complete this sentence: Photography to me are images captured by my eyes, heart and soul revealed to my audience. 

Instagram: @mwt_photography

To see more of his work, go to the website and IG account above. I hope you enjoyed reading this because I enjoyed setting all together! Enjoy your Monday, be blessed.


Featured credit: Michael W. Thomas

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