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Creative Close-Up: Inside the Contemporary Art World


Hello everyone! The last few days of January are upon us and it’s time for a creative close-up of a documentary film I just have seen on Netflix. Blurred Lines: Inside the Art World, explores the value of contemporary art. The film was released in September 2017. The docufilm directed by Barry Avrich speaks to gallerists, journalist, collectors, art critics, even the artists such as Marina Abramovic, Rashid Johnson, and Julian Schnabel

The value of art can be tricky business, how about trying to find your target market…that is tricky too. I found this short review from Shayna Weingast on the Tribeca website. 

“As one art scene insider proclaims, the contemporary art world can be summed up as “rich people trying to prove how rich they are,” but is that all there is to this billion dollar industry? Well-researched and expertly constructed, Barry Avrich’s eye-opening documentary peels back the layers of the art world economy- from production to circulation, and delineates every integral player in the game of art-making, including curators, gallerists, collectors, donors, auction houses, and … artists. In the process, he unpacks the complex and surprising ecosystem that supports the art world superstars and million-dollar deals that make front-page news. Featuring extraordinary access to industry players and candid statements from prominent artists like Damien Hirst, Julian Schnabel, Taryn Simon, and Marina Abramovic, Blurred Lines collides the two narratives of the art world as both above and beholden to market forces.”

Shayna Weingast


I enjoyed the film. It gave you an access pass to what the art world is and how it is made. You can see the documentary on Netflix, iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Google Play. Enjoy the rest of your day or evening, be blessed. 


Featured image: Netflix

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