Wknd Update: 34th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition


Hello! Got some great things to pass along to you, courtesy of Agora Gallery/34th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. I posted last year’s competition. According to the site posted below, the competition is closed, but you can subscribe by email and they will gladly let you know when the next one comes along…here is a press release information about the competition…

Credit source: Agora Gallery/Chelsea International Fine Art Competition



34th Chelsea International Fine Art CompetitionOpens on February 5th, 2019
Agora Gallery is pleased to invite artists from across the globe to enter the 34th Annual Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. Selected artists will receive prizes and opportunities that will grant invaluable exposure, boost recognition and promote career growth.

“The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition has been an annual tradition within New York City’s vibrant art scene for more than 30 years. Artists from around the world can have their work reviewed by distinguished jurors and, if selected, exhibit their work in a major Chelsea gallery. It’s a marvelous opportunity open to all and we strongly encourage artists at every level of practice to participate!”
Eleni Cocordas, Director, Agora Gallery

The 2019 competition awards are valued at more than $70,000. In addition to cash prizes, other awards include participation in the collective exhibition, featured magazine profiles, valuable PR opportunities, and an honorable mention. A portion of the gallery’s proceeds from artwork sales will be donated to the Children’s Heart Foundation.

“My experience with Agora has been almost a dream come true. I never imagined ever exhibiting in a New York City Chelsea Art Gallery. I thought that would have been the extent of my reward for being selected but I was amazed at how much Agora was committed to the success of the artist… This was absolutely a dream come true. I highly recommend Agora to all artists, especially new and up-and-coming artists. I also reached out to my brother who is a painter and an old high school friend, a photographer. The best thing about Agora was
that it reignited the fire in me to continue painting. Thank you.”
Herold P Alexis Patrick, United States, 2018 Selected Artist

The 2019 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition will be accepting submissions between February 5th and March 12th, 2019. Results will be announced on April 16th, 2019, with the competition exhibition slated for August 10–20, 2019.
Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Apply to be recognized by Agora’s reputable jury.
Visit more information and detailed instructions on how to enter. You can also contact us at

That’s it you can go to their website above and take a look!


Featured and other images: Unknown & Agora 


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