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Music Focus: Alice Merton


I’ve been cooking some new things to add to the blog site and this is one of them. Music
Focus. Every second Friday, Shadowboxerinc is putting the spotlight on past, present, and future music’s artists and/or groups. January’s music focus is on Alice Merton.

Growing up around the world, singer/songwriter Alice Merton was as influenced by other cultures as by transience itself. Born in Frankfurt and raised in Canada and England, Mertons absorption of different styles and sounds helped craft the worldly progressive pop leanings on her debut, which came out in 2017. As a child, she learned classical piano and singing while in Canada. When Merton was a teenager, her family moved to Germany, where she would pick up the guitar and write her first song. While in Germany, she also studied at the Mannheim conservatory of music. Later, the family would relocate again, this time to England. These frequent international shifts would play a key role in the songwriting process for her first output, 2017’s No Roots EP (Mom + Pop Records). The four-track effort included the fiery “Lash Out,” the groove-heavy title track, and “Hit the Ground Running,” which won Merton the Jugend Kulterell Prize for Acoustic Pop. December 2018 saw the release of the single “Why So Serious” ahead of the arrival of the full-length MINT, which was issued in January 2019.

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I hope you were up and dancing to the videos…just to keep the blood going! Enjoy your Friday, be blessed. 


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