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My Best Creative Close-Up for 2018…


I know there was something planned for this month’s Creative Close-Up, but I wanted to do something different of course. So I choose my best creative close-up.

Creative Close-Up: Creating Art On My Terms

“You can draw…ohhh. Can you do a painting for me?” That’s probably what you get when you mention that you can draw, paint, sketch, you know what I mean. Then when you put a little bit of your work out there, they start to ask if you can do a portrait for them.

I can draw, sketch, and paint. I love it because I’m such a creative person and while I’m flattered for people to ask, I just don’t too much like it. 

Why? Well, I ask, how big do want the portrait or drawing to be? What do you want it to look like? All these kinds of questions, the ones I hate to ask because I don’t want to step on any toes to hurt feelings. I did accept one from a lady at my church, but this will be the last one for a very long while.  

I want to create art on my own terms, without the person asking me about the progress, you know, without nosing in on my work. You want to create a space for you and only you. I like the fact that I don’t have to be in hurry, to just take my time. I want to feel what I’m doing and thinking when I’m putting emotions on the canvas. Also, you may not want to push yourself. Again, I’m putting together a story when I use paint, pastel, any kind of material to put together a project. 

That’s the same when I write. I take the time to put together questions. Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. I don’t know if any other writer does this, but that’s something I use to help me. I also do a lot of research too. Looking outside my house, looking at the sky, I even Google, just everyday things that can help jog some inspiration or ideas. That is where the creativity begins. I put my own spin on paper or canvas. In other words, I take and create my own thoughts, ideas, and my feelings into the piece. 

So the next time someone asks, Thank you, but I’m busy with so many other projects. 


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