Best of 2018: TV


The best is almost coming to a close, but there a just a few lists to go over, like TV. TV Guide, Vulture, Vox, and Esquire have their list. Let’s see what shows they think were the best this year…

Ranking the 25 Best TV Shows of 2018 BY TV GUIDE EDITORS
Photo: Michael Desmond/The CW



The Best TV Shows of 2018 (So Far)

Photo: FX Networks. All rights reserved.



The 7 best TV shows of 2018 By 
Amazon; BBC America; ContraPoints



The Best TV Shows of 2018 by Esquire Editors

Very good shows on some pretty good lists. I can only hope they will be around for a while longer! Enjoy the rest of your evening, be blessed.


Featured image: Vox
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