Best of…Music 2018


Hello everyone. A new week and I’m compiling a list of Best of 2018 in art, photography, film, etc. Today I’m looking at the best in music of 2018. Lots of great albums, songs that imprinted into your brain, you know the type that stays in your head for a long period of time. I’ve been influenced by Instagram, Tumblr, and other internet platforms, including Apple and Spotify. Here is a list of artists and groups that really stood out for me this year…


  1. Low Leaf 
    Impose Magazine
  2. Moses Sumney
  3. Cardi B. 
  4. Sons Of An Illustrious Father 
    Village Voice
  5. Kendrick Lamar
  6. Exitmusic
  7. Alessia Cara 
    New York Times
  8. Laura Gibson 
  9. A Perfect Circle 
    Bass Player
  10. Makeness 

That is my pick for 2018. Check them out!


Featured image source: Saint Heron
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