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Note from the Editor, December 2018


Vol. 6 / #12

December, the last and final month of 2018. November may have been quiet, but this month…not so. Lots of stuff will be stuffed into December. 

A few things to post with music and Metacritic never fails! You have veteran and new artists making new creativity with music. Gucci Mane, Van Morrison, Meghan Trainor, and others are lining up with their new releases. On the music festival front, not a lot going on. Like November, this list a bit short, but how can you miss these great festivals? Riptide, Rolling Loud, and Snowglobe, just to name a few. 

I’ve haven’t been to the movie theaters a lot this year, but I’m able to pick up what looks like a winner of a film. So be on the lookout for a list of best films for 2018 from a few film critics and moviegoers. 

Books, books, and more books! Winter will be around the corner, meaning that we will see what great reads will be…well already will be on the list. 

This month’s Shadow Spotlight will belong to the most deserving for 2018, like Bansky. This anonymous artist has captured the art world with his satirical street wistful art. There was no Where To in November due to the holidays, but I will make it up this month and Washington D.C. is our last stop for the year. 

I hope to find lots of art, writing, photography and other competitions really soon. I have some announcements too! Goodbye NovemberHello December!







Image source: Wallpaper Cave
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