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Editor’s Note / November 2018


Vol.6 / #11

Hello! It is now November…can you believe it? One more month for 2018. October was busy, but this month is quieter. 

Alessia Cara, Barbra Streisand, Rita Ora, Dead Can Dance are just a few but many that are releasing new music this month. Only five music festivals this November, yes five, but if you live near Reno, Nevada, or San Bernadino, California, you just might miss these gems!

There will be a few film reviews coming soon, I need to compile a list of best films of this year, don’t I? Music, there has been great music from familiar and new faces. I’m going to be doing a list who has been shelling out great tunes so far.

Shadow Spotlight, well I’m not telling. It will all be revealed this month. Our Where To is heading to Washington D.C. 

I have a question to ask. What are you thankful for? 

Goodbye October, Hello November.







Image source: SF Wallpaper
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