Day: October 31, 2018

Something to Tide You Over for Halloween

10.31.18 Hello again! Just wanted to do something for Y’all who love Halloween. Found some clips from some films that I and those of you that grew up with. Take a look…   HELLRAISER (1987) Who doesn’t remember this film?    THE HOWLING (1981)   THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (1991)   DRACULA (1931)     My favorite! PSYCHO (1960)   Another favorite of mine…JOHN CARPENTER’S THE THING (1982) Enjoy the rest of your evening…be safe…Happy Halloween.   Image source: Bloody Disgusting 

Reflections: Gothic Halloween in Poetry

10.31.18 Hello everyone! Last day of October, how about some poetry? Again? Yes, again, but this time with some gothic themes to it. Here are three to read…   Ravenna by Oscar Wilde (Newdigate prize poem recited in the Sheldonian Theatre Oxford June 26th, 1878. To my friend George Fleming author of ‘The Nile Novel’ and ‘Mirage’) I. A year ago I breathed the Italian air, – And yet, methinks this northern Spring is fair,- These fields made golden with the flower of March, The throstle singing on the feathered larch, The cawing rooks, the wood-doves fluttering by, The little clouds that race across the sky; And fair the violet’s gentle drooping head, The primrose, pale for love uncomforted, The rose that burgeons on the climbing briar, The crocus-bed, (that seems a moon of fire Round-girdled with a purple marriage-ring); And all the flowers of our English Spring, Fond snowdrops, and the bright-starred daffodil. Up starts the lark beside the murmuring mill, And breaks the gossamer-threads of early dew; And down the river, like a flame …