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Creative Close-Up: The Future of the DC Extended Universe


The folks at Warner Bros. and DC have decided to push back the release date of WW84, the upcoming sequel to 2017’s success Wonder Woman. Now they are pushing back production and filming of The Flash standalone film and that won’t be released till 2021! What is WB/DC doing? 

I wasn’t too happy with the change of WW84, but I can understand why they’re pushing the release date. The first Wonder Woman film was released in June and did fantastic at the box office. The release date has been pushed back three times. Previously the date was set for December 13, 2019, then November 1, 2019, but now the official date is June 5, 2020. The magic month of June gave them box office success the first time, why not try it again? Not only that but if the date was November 2019, the Amazon Princess would be in competition with the new Terminator film, then Charlie’s Angels (why!?)…I can only see WW84 in competition with Terminator, not really. This was a financial business move, plain and simple. So I can wait. 

Now the Flash film, according to Deadline, there was never a secured official green-light status. Studio sources said that no official release date has never been announced, these same sources confirmed that a finish line in 2021 was not the target they hoped for. March 2019 was supposed to be the start date for filming, but there is a problem: Ezra Miller, the lead actor is to reprise his role as Credence Barebone in the third installment of Fantastic Beasts, a spin-off to Harry Potter, which is also handled by Warner Bros. Filming is to start in July of 2019. So, what are they gonna do? Warner Bros. has been struggling to get this project on the ground. I can only hope something can come of it because I would really love to see the film. 

I can only ask this question, what is the fate of the DC Extended Universe? This franchise has struggled to be on par with Marvel. Some people are saying recast the characters. I don’t think so. The studio is already banking on the actors they have now. They are trying to keep good faith with that. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was a ballpark win. Henry Cavill is great as Superman, while Ben Affleck showed skills as Batman, but now Cavill and Affleck may not be coming back. We just have to see if Jason Momoa‘s film Aquaman will be a success. By the looks of the trailer, I say it looks positive.

We all know that last year’s Justice League did not go well. Zack Snyder and Joss Wheadon both took credit as directors for the film. As I said before, the film was rushed, the storyline was weak and the villain was all too weak! It was a mishmash of a mess that couldn’t hold up to the hype and left me disappointed. Same thing with Suicide Squad

WB/DC can’t decide what they want to do. There is an opportunity to make The Flash film. They should have done it earlier this year. Too much going back and forth with the project and it seems to me they don’t have good faith in it. Just stop playing and get to it. 

Matt Singer, who wrote an article for Screen Crush titled It’s Time to End the DC Extended Universe, says this

“My advice to Warner Bros. included focusing on introducing one or two great characters before trying to dump 30 in our laps all at once and to stop leaning on interconnectedness between movies in lieu of telling satisfying, self-contained stories….In hindsight, the “Extended Universe” was the perfect name for this creation. Warners and DC’s desire to compete with Marvel forced them to put an overarching narrative ahead of the individual movies, and they overextended themselves far too quickly…Instead, Warner Bros. should seize this opportunity to make a bold break from what they’ve been doing and freshen their superhero movies up. They should stop trying to copy Marvel’s business model and create a new one of their own. No one needs a second, watered-down, mish-mosh of the Marvel Cinematic Universe starring a moody Superman and a growly Batman. But there is plenty of room for a true alternative to Marvel and its movies. And no one is better positioned to be that alternative than DC.”

I agree, Marvel did wonders with their formula and it brought them major success. DC and WB tried but failed miserably. As Singer said, DC/WB needs to create a business model of their own. Something different than Marvel. Question is, What are they afraid of? 


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