Just In Update*: Artsty Shark Looking for Featured Artists


Just saw this information recently. Artsy Shark is looking for Featured Artists for their website. The deadline is November 1. So for those of you who would or want to be featured, this is your opportunity! Here are the details from their website…

Credit source: Artsy Shark


Artsy Shark is seeking 48 artists to feature and promote in the coming months and has issued a Call for Artists to receive submissions. Artists creating work that falls into the categories of painting, drawing, sculpture, clay, fiber, glass, wood, printmaking, jewelry and other mediums are invited to apply for consideration.

Featured articles present each artist’s story, inspiration, technique, and portfolio. All features are promoted heavily through social media and email to our wide audience. Each article is permanent, and always shareable. Since 2010, more than 1,200 artist features have been published, and are viewable in our “Featured Artist Gallery” which can be found here.

Selection is made through a competitive juried process, with a fee of $20 to apply. Not all artists will be selected. Artists who have been previously featured may not apply again. The jury process includes viewing each applicant’s website or other online presence where a portfolio is displayed. Artists who apply will be notified of the results of their application within three weeks of the application deadline.

In each artist feature, a link to the artist’s own website is prominently displayed. This increases opportunities for featured artists to make sales, capture email addresses of interested visitors, and gain social media followers.

Artsy Shark receives no fees or commissions whatsoever for any sales or contracts that result from being featured.

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