Shadow Spotlight: Professional Gamers

8. 20. 18

Hello, hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. It’s time to shine the spotlight on Professional Gamers. What is a professional or pro gamer you ask? Here is a clear definition…

pro gamer – is basically one who played one game all the time and win at tournaments. but one who play games on the hardest difficulty, one who always on top 3 places at multiplayer – you can call it pro gamer too. pro gamer doesn’t have to go to a tournament to be a pro. PredatorRules. Pro is defined as professional –

These guys and gals get paid a ridiculous amount of money to just play video games. Found a few videos to show you what they do, the life of a gamer, plus to see a list of the highest paid gamers.





This video was posted a year ago…



Ladies are making names for themselves too. Here is another video from a year ago…




If you think you have what it takes to be a professional gamer, then you really need to do a lot of research! Seriously! Enjoy the rest of your evening, be blessed.


Image source: Chegg CareerMatch


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