MidWeek Update: Photography Workshops from Atlanta School of Photography

8. 8. 18

Hello, and let’s celebrate Hump Day Wednesday, shall we? The Atlanta School of Photography has some upcoming workshops in the works. They just had their August Session Monday. Take a look at what they have in store…

Credit source: Atlanta School of Photography  


Tuesday, August 14th / 10 – 3 with Julie Yarbrough Sunday, Sept 23rd / 10 – 3 with Allison Jarek Everything you need to know in one day! We get you off of AUTO in by the afternoon. Learn how to freeze motion for sports photography, have the perfect aperture for a portrait, and an immaculate ISO for landscapes. Know your camera better in this one day class. This ONE-DAY experience introduces you step-by-step to an understanding of  • Essential parts of your camera including lenses, focus & zoom, diopter, mirror, shutter, and sensor • Basic Camera functions including ISO, shutter, aperture, white balance • How your camera reads light (exposure) • Using the playback, delete functions • Memory and Raw vs Jpeg • Techniques for awesome composition (take better photos) • And SO much more….

Stay Focused


Saturday, August 18th 1 – 3 PM with Sara Get all your pictures to stay focused! From close up macro photography to moving subjects, there can be so many factors when it comes to keeping your subject sharp. Take advantage of the newest technology your camera and lenses have to offer, explore different settings including:

  • Focus points
  • Focus Modes – Still vs continuous
  • Back button focusing
  • Locking focus methods
  • Lens stabilization
  • Movement techniques

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Sunday, August 19th 1 – 3 PM with Amanda Gardner

Ever wonder how to choose the right lens for the right job?  What the characteristics of lenses are and how they change the perspective on your subject?

Answers to these questions and much more in this informative talk and demo with instructor, Amanda Gardner about everything you always wanted to know about lenses.

Amanda will cover:

  • Characteristics of lenses- focal lengths and aperture, how lenses work and types, brand names and generics, zoom vs. prime, fixed vs. varying apertures
  • Lens features – Image Stabilization and more
  • Lens accessories – filters, caps, and hoods
  • Different applications – Portraits, landscapes, nature and wildlife, wedding, street, photojournalism, sports and more
  • Special use lenses – fisheye, macro, Lensbaby, tilt-shift
  • Lens issues and attributes:  chromatic aberration, lens flare and fog, distortion and vignetting
  • What lenses you should have in YOUR tool bag!

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They also have classes such as Photos 1-3, Composition, Portfolio, Flash 1 and 2, and many more classes coming soon. Go to to sign in and know more about what they are about, the classes, workshops, and more.


Image source: Atlanta Celebrates Photography
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