Shadow Spotlight: Danielle Weber

6. 16. 18

Hello everyone! Hope you guys had a great weekend! Mine is always pretty good…if I’m not working at that other job…anyway today’s spotlight is on Danielle Weber, a very gifted artist from Australia. I’ve been following her through Instagram. That’s how I discovered her. We started talking through social media platform and I don’t even remember the question I asked, but she contacted me back, along with this video. I was very inspired by her work ethic, her drive, and best of all, she’s happy to do what she loves. Through this video, she talks about how she became an artist, being in a not so great place, meeting Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and what inspires her to do the work she loves.


Wanna see more of her work? You can follow Danielle on her Instagram: @daniellesartworkofficial and Youtube Danielle’s Artwork Official to see her awesome displays of her wonderful artwork.



Image source: Cut Paste Studio
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