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Creative Close-Up: Finding & Using Resources

6. 25. 18


When your an artist, a singer, songwriter, musician, or photographer you think that you’re at the pinnacle of your craft right? In other words, your at the top of your game and feel that you don’t need to further your craft. Not so. We all need fine tuning…kind of like going to the doctor and making sure our bodies are in great condition.

Many creative people like to keep going with perfecting their craft. How in the world find and have the time to do it? There many resources, workshops, classes, conferences, you can even go online and find so many videos on painting, playing an instrument, taking photos, and on and on.

For an artist like myself, I always try to keep my skills ongoing. I love learning new things and be creative you find ways of styling your artwork. You soon discover new techniques and ways of sketching, painting, watercolor. Same goes for musicians. Even photographers find techniques to create that perfect photo.

I’m always on the lookout for what resources I can take advantage of and use it to better myself. Here are some examples of those resources…

Artists, Illustrators:

Musicians, Singers:


Just a few examples, of course, some can be expensive, but if you got the financial resources, then take a chance and learn something. There is always YouTube. For those in dance or writing same thing. You can either Google or Bing your search. I hope this post helps you in fine tuning your craft as an artist, painter, singer…things creative. Enjoy the rest of your Monday, be blessed.


Image source: and 99U - Adobe


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