News….Updates and Spotify

6. 20. 18

Afternoon everyone! I hope everybody is staying cool cause it’s already hot where I am. Just a few little things to go over…

This is a slow month, but as you can see, I’m getting a few posts to make up for it.

You can also see that I’m playing with the theme…I don’t like it much and I’m planning on changing it soon.

I’ve also updated Shadowboxerinc’s Tumblr, but the Pinterest needs updating.

Shadowboxerinc is now on Spotify! Yes, Spotify. Created a few playlists:

Dance Out!

Artistic Burst

Memory Lane

June is Black Music Month, is the newest playlist. I’m sure you can find Shadowboxerinc can you?

You can also find Shadowboxerinc on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday, be blessed!


Image source: unknown


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