Editor's desk

Editor’s Desk for May 2018

April 29 / 18

#5 / Vol. 6

Hey! Last day of April and tomorrow we’ll be moving into May. Not too much going on this month, in fact, I think it’s going to be a quiet month.

Arctic Monkeys, Charlie Puth, Snow Patrol, and other artists are ready to release some new tunes for this month.

Zac Posen is our Shadow Spotlight for May, while I’m going to see what Kansas City has to offer for our Where To segment. Are you ready for Comic-Con in San Diego this year? You should be. I’m sure some of you have all the information you need, but for those of you still in the dark, I will find and scour for what you need to know.

When it comes to sex and art, it can be a tricky thing. Some find it art and some find it trashy. Yes, the human body is art, yet there is some opposition to this. That’s whats going on with Creative Close-Up. I’m doing my research on this subject and I hope I won’t disappoint you with it.

If I leave anything out, don’t worry…it’ll all be here. April showers bring May flowers.

Bye April…Onward May!






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