Wednz Scene: What is Twitch?

March 21 / 18

Hello everyone…time for another Wednz Scene. Have you guys heard about Twitch? I’ve never heard about it till I saw a professional gamer talked about it. What is Twitch? It’s a live streaming video platform, owned by Twitch Interactive, which is a subsidiary of Amazon. Let’s really peel back the curtain to find more about this live streaming platform…

Credit Source: Twitch


Interact: Whether you want to fill chat with your live commentary, or just sit back and lurk, it’s all good.

Explore: We’ve got ways for you to find exactly what you’re looking for or maybe discover something you didn’t know you wanted in the first place.

Contribute: By watching, chatting, subscribing, and cheering with Bits, and more, you’re helping your favorite streamers get rewards, recognition, and yes, even love.





You get to Create a Community, Grow Together, Your passion is rewarded meaning that this streaming service helps you make money, yes I did say what you just read. Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner. There is a 30-Day Trial of Amazon Prime, which is $12.99/month.

Just giving you the small details on this streaming service. If you gamers are game to try this service, go to get the information and begin playing.

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