Wednz Scene: Chelsea International Fine Art Competition

January 31 / 18

Good morning all…last day for this month. Can you believe it? Anyhow, I have something of interest courtesy of Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. They are having their 33rd Art Competition this year. Here are the details from a press release that was sent to me…


33rd Chelsea International Fine Art Competition—Opens on February 6, 2018
Artists from across the globe are invited to enter the 33rd Annual Chelsea International Fine Art
Competition. With a fierce dedication to promoting the arts and discovering and exposing new talent, the
CIFAC continues its tradition of honoring selected artists and awarding prizes aimed at giving artists
invaluable exposure to promote career growth and boost recognition.

“The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition is one of the most established prominent
international competition today. Juried by a panel of experts in the contemporary art
world, the competition provides artists working in all media an opportunity to be seen and
to possibly be showcased in the most relevant art market in the world. Come join our
family of artists and share your work with art experts who recognize real talent when they
see it!”
-Angela Di Bello, Executive Director, Agora Gallery

This year’s competition awards are valued at over $70,000 and are designed specifically to support our
larger mission: to promote the spread of extraordinary and innovative art in our modern world and to
ensure the future productivity and enhance the careers of selected artists. Aside from cash prizes, other
awards include participation in the collective exhibition, magazine profiles, valuable PR opportunities and
an honorable mention and a complimentary entry to the 34th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition
(Feb. 2019). A portion of the gallery’s proceeds from artwork sales will be donated to the Children’s Heart

“Before entering the gallery, I experienced an OMG! moment, when I saw that one of my works was
selected for the outdoor display poster. Once inside, my feelings were a little vague at first. Even standing
there, in the space, I was still trying to absorb the fact that my artwork was being exhibited in a New York
gallery. Then I felt honored, humbled, and delighted, all at the same time. I was very impressed with the
thoughtfulness in which the work was displayed. The whole show looked great!.”
-Rosanne Wolfe, United States, 2017 Selected Artist

The 2018 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition will be accepting entries February 6th –
March 12th, 2018. Results are announced on April 23rd, 2018, with the competition exhibition
scheduled for August 14–25, 2018.

Interested? Ready to seize the opportunity and take your career to the next level? Visit for competition details and instructions on how to enter. You can also contact us at

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