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January 3 / 18

One last post, courtesy of Artsy Shark. There will be an art business summit in Boston Massachusetts, April 16 – 17, 2018. Here is what to expect during the summit.

Credit source: Artsy Shark



Boston Arts Business Institute Summit

April 16-17, 2018

Somerville, Massachusetts

Don’t miss this upcoming two-day intensive professional development workshop, taking place in the Boston area next April. Co-sponsored by The Arts Business Institute and Art Specifier, this summit will present practical, step-by-step information focusing on the biggest challenges artists have in launching and growing their creative businesses.

Our program includes the following presentations:

  • The New Marketplace

  • Creative Marketing Strategies

  • How to Work with Art Consultants, Designers, and Stagers

  • Wholesale 101

  • Pricing for Profit

  • Social Media for Artists

  • Sales Strategies

  • How to Sell Art Online

In addition to these interactive lectures (Q&A is encouraged), a panel discussion will be held on the second day of the summit. Personalized consultation appointments are also available, and should be booked at the time of registration.

Speakers for our summit will be:

Wendy Rosen, founder of Best in American Made, The Arts Business Institute, and the American Made Alliance, and publisher of NICHE Magazine for retailers.

Carolyn Edlund, founder of Artsy Shark, Executive Director of The Arts Business Institute, and art business consultant.

Joyce Creiger, founder of Art Specifier, and The Creiger Group, which provide art consultant services and collaborate with hundreds of businesses and collectors.

Regular tuition for this two-day event is $295. Take advantage of early bird registration and save $50 now. Register for only $245.

To learn more about the summit, click here.

You have time to register for the summit. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday, be always blessed.


Image source: Artsty Shark & unknown


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