Best of 2017: TV

December 18 / 17

Hey there! Hope everybody enjoyed their weekend. The Best of 2017 is continuing this week and we are looking at what TV series made their mark this year. Some I have watched and then there are others that I know I need to watch. Here are the top 10 lists of shows that put us into bingeing mode.

  1. Big Little Lies

  2. Insecure  

  3. Halt and Catch Fire

  4. Handmaid’s Tale

  5. Stranger Things

  6. Game of Thrones    

  7. The Crown

  8. Black Mirror

  9. The Deuce

  10. The Gifted 


Do you agree or disagree with the list? Tell me what other shows should be on the list. Enjoy your Monday, be blessed!



Image sources: Vulture,,, & Fox
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