Short Scary Films….

October 24 / 17

Hello! October is almost gone, but I do have something for you guys. Scary short films, horror films. Found five of these great short scary films I think you might like.

Created by Ahishek Kumar, presented by White Cape Productions.



A film of Jean-Yan Babois, The Young Woman: Dorothee Babois, The Old Lady: Emma Niola, Thanks to Anais Jenner, Nicolas Robert-Naudin, Manou & Moon.



Directed By: David Lawrence Produced By David Lawrence, Adrienne Michelle Executive Producer(s): David Lawrence, Allen Schmitt Written by David Lawrence Main Cast: Hoyt Richards, Julia Parker, Elizabeth Sandy



Directed By: Juan Diego Unzueta Written By Juan Diego Unzueta & Roberto León Edited By Juan Diego Unzueta Camera Operator: Roberto León Soundtrack: Jim Dooley (When A Stranger Calls).



Story by Dan Dark Directed by Dustin Demoret Produced by Dan Dark and Lauren Harper Dumoulin Filmed by Bayonet Media.

Creep and scary….Hope you enjoyed these short films. Enjoy your Tuesday, be blessed.

Image source: The Night Sky
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