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Editor’s Note: July 2017

June 29 / 17

Vol. 5 / #7

When I was younger, I liked Summer because of the weather and the fact that school was out and we could do all the fun stuff. Now it’s not the weather, it’s the attitude. Summer is one of those seasons that wants you to stop and just breathe. Why do you think people like to take vacations during this time of the year? To relax, take a break, or to recuperate…all those things.

This month it is time to step away from the daily routine from the hubbub of life.  Actually, it’s time for your creative mind to step away from all the madness and cleaning out the creative closet.  I’m doing some research on the subject and I think you guys will find it interesting and you may have ideas of your own on how to refresh your creative thinking.

First, there are a few things we need to talk about. 4Heads 10th Annual Governors Island Art Fair is coming September 2017. June 20 was the deadline for any artist interested, but you can still attend the event. Admission is free. I’m going to keep reminding you guys if you’re coming or in NYC. Other upcoming events such as AWP Conference and Bookfair dates will be available as well.

Ever thought about starting your art residency? There are ways to do it. I’ve also done some research and for those of you who have thought about this, I’m sure these tips will come in handy.

Lots of information to share with you from Artsy Shark, World Photography Organisation, and others. Music festivals for this month and new music. A film review of It Follows will be coming this month, plus putting the Shadow Spotlight on Photography.

Our last stop in California for @ The Event is in San Diego. For some reason, I thought I did a post on this, but I don’t think I haven’t thought…anyway San Diego it is. Almost forgot….Comic-Con is coming to San Diego. I hope you guys are able to attend.

Lots of fun and creative stuff coming this month and there may be something new added to the site. Hello, July!





























































































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