Editor’s Note: July 2017

June 29 / 17 Vol. 5 / #7 When I was younger, I liked Summer because of the weather and the fact that school was out and we could do all the fun stuff. Now it’s not the weather, it’s the attitude. Summer is one of those seasons that wants you to stop and just breathe. Why do you think people like to take vacations during this time of the year? To relax, take a break, or to recuperate…all those things. This month it is time to step away from the daily routine from the hubbub of life.  Actually, it’s … Continue reading Editor’s Note: July 2017

Reflections: Summer Short Story

June 27 / 17 Hello, all. It’s that time again and since summer has arrived, might as well keep up with the summer theme. Found a sci-fi short story titled All Summer In A Day by Ray Bradbury. It was published in the March 1954 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. I hope you like it…. cred: http://www.btboces.org All Summer in a Day By Ray Bradbury “Ready ?” “Ready.” “Now ?” “Soon.” “Do the scientists really know? Will it happen today, will it ?” “Look, look; see for yourself !” The children pressed to each other like … Continue reading Reflections: Summer Short Story

Online Fashion Degree Programs at Academy of Art University

June 21 / 17 Found this piece of information from the Academy of Art University. Online Fashion Degree Programs. For those who want to enter the fashion industry, this one of the universities that have online degrees in this category. Here is a snippet of this information. cred: academy of art university Online Fashion Degree Programs Construct the styles of tomorrow. Learn from the finest creative minds working in fashion today. Students pursuing a Fashion Design degree have access to the tools and cutting-edge facilities needed for creating collections that garner accolades at New York Fashion Week and the Graduation … Continue reading Online Fashion Degree Programs at Academy of Art University