Cool: Alien: Covenant / “In Utero” A 360 Virtual Reality Experience | 20th Century FOX

May 16 / 17

Alien: Covenant is coming to theaters this Friday. I’m sure some of you have seen this video for 20th Century Fox. “In Utero” A 360 Virtual Reality Experience gets a very close-up look at one of the alien organisms being born…but as always, not in the most beautiful way. At the top left corner, you will see where you can maneuver the video. This is pretty graphic, just thought I warn you on that!

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday, be blessed!



















featured image: 20th Century Fox
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    • L. Richelle Murry says

      No I haven’t, but I’m glad you like the post!

      • That’s cool – is it something you’d be interested in? I was wondering if you might like to see some of your writing on Moviepilot.

        Let me know!


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        Wow! I would like to try that! Thanks!

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