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Editor’s Desk: March 2017

Mar. / 1 /17

Vol. 5 / #3

Hello! February has left the building March has arrived. Not a lot to cover this month, but it’ll be a busy month.

Reminders about Spectrum Indian Wells 2017, the dates are March 16 – 19, 2017. There should be some news about the event. More events such as Artexpo New York 2017, art workshops, literature workshops…all sorts of workshops are coming soon and of course, I will share those with you.

Chance the Rapper is this month’s Shadowbox Spotlight. We’ve now left Canada, let’s head to California for @ The Event….First stop: San Francisco. Spring will be around the corner, so the annual Spring Reads 2017 is coming.

Finally, I do have an announcement to make. It’s not bad news, but good news. So let March begin!

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featured image: Paper Leaf





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