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Feb. 18 / 17

Evening! Just one writer’s conference to pass along…..

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Editors, Agents, and Publishers—The Business of Writing: Seminar

Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States

Mark and Joanna demystify how the business of publishing actually works, something every writer needs to understand.

In addition to creative talent, every writer needs to posses some degree of business acumen to succeed as a published author. Understanding the roles of editors, agents, and publishers—and their interactions together—is a puzzle to unravel for your own writing style and marketplace.

This seminar, co-taught by Mark Bryant and Joanna Hurley, provides you with a comprehensive and action-oriented overview designed to deconstruct and make understandable the oft-times overwhelming business world of the written word.

Mark and Joanna, veterans of magazine and book publishing, demystify the process with in-depth discussions on the author-agent relationship, the author-editor relationship, and how to find and navigate both. They cover the best ways to break into magazine and online writing—either as a step toward book writing or an end in itself—as well as the myriad of options available to writers today to publish their books, from working with traditional publishers, smaller presses, packagers, print-on-demand, and e-books.

Guest speakers, including bestselling authors and a distinguished agent and publisher, lend their invaluable insights throughout the day to ensure that you leave the seminar with a clear path to assessing the commercial potential of your work.

Tuition includes one lunch.


MAY 20 MAY 20, 2017


SCHOLARSHIP: None Available

CONTACT: Santa Fe Workshops–Writers Lab
PHONE: (505) 983-1400, ext. 111


Featured Writers Include:

Mark Bryant & Joanna Hurley


Poetry, Fiction, Creative nonfiction, Screenwriting


50 Mount Carmel Rd.
Santa Fe
New Mexico, United States

Santa Fe Writers Lab

For 27 years, Santa Fe Photographic Workshops has focused on improving our abilities to discover and understand the world through photographs. More than 20,000 amateur and professional photographers have followed their passion for image-making to the inspiring high desert environs of Santa Fe.

Beginning in 2017, Santa Fe Workshops expands our experiential educational offerings to embrace the world of words with the introduction of our new Writers Lab, which we envision as a community of storytellers from all walks of life, professions, and disciplines that gather in the mountains of New Mexico and on the ever-changing island of Cuba to live the writer’s life.

Santa Fe Writers Lab, for both aspiring and established writers, begins with three, week-long workshops in Havana, Cuba in the winter of 2017 and further unfolds in Santa Fe with eight, week-long workshops as well as eight, one-day weekend intensives in May of 2017.

Inspiring guest instructors renowned in the literary world provide daily lessons on the art and craft of writing. Collaborative and constructive conversation with fellow writers and quiet time to reflect and write, all work together to provide you with one-of-a-kind opportunities to move your writing forward.


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