Editor’s Desk February 2017

Jan. 31 / 17 “Wan February with weeping cheer, Whose cold hand guides the youngling year Down misty roads of mire and rime, Before thy pale and fitful face The shrill wind shifts the clouds apace Through skies the morning scarce may climb. Thine eyes are thick with heavy tears, But lit with hopes that light the year’s.” –  Algernon Charles Swinburne, A Year’s Carols: February Hi there, the first month of 2017 has passed. February is here. There is so much to cover this month. I’m not sure if all of it can fit in! Alright, Spectrum Indian Wells … Continue reading Editor’s Desk February 2017

Reflections: Living Life…..by Bonnie Mohr

Jan. 31 / 17 ♦                                      ♦                                                       ♦                                                         ♦                             featured images: Quote Addicts & The Smashable … Continue reading Reflections: Living Life…..by Bonnie Mohr